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Transgender Players in NUWS

NUWS Statement

In 2019, at our annual general managers' meeting, NUWS voted on and approved an update to our bylaws which spelled out support for transgender players. We call on all players and managers to learn more about what is meant by inclusive behavior that welcomes all players to our league.  We have a zero tolerance policy for any hate speech, intentional misgendering, which means using the wrong pronouns during a game, and all unsportsmanlike behavior towards our transgendered players. 


The best way to help? 

If you see something, say something.

We all can learn by holding each other

accountable to being inclusive.


Resources about Trans Athletes

Avoid the Blame Game

While it is still undetermined if there are physical advantages for transgender athletes at very high levels of competition, it is simply not the case at lower levels of competition.  When you understand the complexity of effects of hormones that transgender athletes might be taking along with many other factors, you can see this is just a perception and much of that perception can be attributed to confirmation bias.  

And, when we are feeling outmatched, it is a very human response to look for something/someone to blame other than ourselves.  Transgender players can be an easy target of this blame game.  

In addition, in this blame game, the story we tell ourselves can transform into “I am so physically outmatched that this is unsafe.”  However, there are players who we may avoid physical interaction with because they make us feel unsafe. That is a calculus that all players make all the time (if safety feels like a priority to them).

Check your confirmation bias before every game -- the automatic thinking or bias that we all have.  If you have a brain, you have bias. It's that simple. Check out this definition of confirmation bias from the NeuroLeadership Institute:

Confirmation Bias = Seeking and finding evidence that confirms one’s beliefs and ignoring evidence that does not support those beliefs. 

NUWS Bylaw 17.1 on Diversity and Inclusion

NUWS strives to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people. We value the diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and belief, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, political perspective, and educational and class status.

NUWS shall not discriminate against any person in any way, on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity (previously or currently identifying as female), race, color, sex, national origin, disabling condition, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.  This policy against discrimination includes, but is not limited to, a commitment to full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and any subsequently amendments to these statuses.