Manager FAQs & Forms

Thank you for being a NUWS team manager. This section of the website is designed to help you with your management questions and responsibilities.

How do I forfeit a game?
If your team needs to forfeit a game, please contact your division rep as soon as possible. Your division rep will contact the other team and the league. You will be fined for forfeiting.

Current forfeit fine schedule (updated March 2016):
Fine for forfeiting a game with more than 48 hours notice is $45.
Fine for forfeiting a game with less than 48 hours notice is $80.
If you have more than one forfeit in a season, after the first game you will be charged a $50 per forfeit penalty, in addition to the above fine based on notice,

Your opponent will receive a $50 refund for the missed games.

Fines and refunds will be processed at the end of the season.

For more information please see our rules. Specifically rules 6.G. and 9.D.7-8

Why do we need player’s cards?
Please remember that it is vital for each player to have a valid OASA player’s card. These cards allow NUWS to function as a league by allowing OASA to cover our sanctioned games with liability insurance and covers players with supplemental health insurance. If one player on the field doesn’t have a legal card, both the supplemental insurance and liability insurance is void for both teams.

If a player receives a red card in a game, the referee will confiscate their card. (see card-related FAQ below)

What do we do if a ref doesn’t show up for a game? What if we still want to play the game?
If your referee doesn’t show up for your game, your team does have the option to play the game to count instead of having the league reschedule your game. Both teams need to agree to this. For the game to count, someone needs to collect the roster and cards from both teams and make sure they are legal. You may choose to have a mutually agreeable person referee the game. This person will not be paid for refereeing the game. After the game, both managers need to fill out the No-Show Referee Report Form to report the score. Both teams will be reimbursed the fee they paid the league for the referee.

You should always report a No Show ref to your Division Rep. If both teams do not agree to play without a referee, the league will try to reschedule a make-up game at the end of the season. If the league is unable to reschedule your game, both teams will receive a full game refund.

What are the rules?
To review NUWS specific rules, including specific Over-30 rules, you can visit the Rules section of our website.

If you want to review soccer rules in general you can go here:

What do I do if I have a problem with the field or schedule?
Contact your division rep immediately!

What is my responsibility if I have my own home field?
You must ensure the field is in playable condition- mowed, lined, and standard goals.

How do I get the league’s proof of insurance for our home field rental?
The insurance is actually held through OASA, so they will provide a certificate information for your field. To expedite your request, fill out their form here and email it to

What should I do if my team needs to change managers?
You need to fill out the change of manager form.

What should I do if a player is injured in our game?

  1. Remind the referee to note the injury in his/her referee report- this is the official report of the game
  2. Through your player registration card, you have insurance coverage under OASA (not NUWS). If the injury was bad enough to require a hospital or doctor visit, the injured player can fill out the Accident (secondary medical) Insurance Claim Form on the OASA website to potentially receive some compensation to cover her medical costs. The form needs to be sent directly to OASA for validation and processing. Do not send the form to NUWS.
  3. You no longer need to submit a form to our league.

What is a game roster? Do I need one?
A game roster is a list of your team’s players for each game. It should reflect the players attending that particular game, and should include:

  • Each player’s legal name (make sure it matches her OASA card)
  • OASA card number
  • OASA card expiration date
  • Player’s uniform number

You need to give copies of the roster to the referee and to the other team. You are welcome—but not required—to use the roster template on our website.

What do I need to do after the game?
Email your division rep the following:

  • Game score
  • Notice of any injuries
  • Notice of any yellow or red cards
  • Note if flags or nets were missing from your game, and if the field was lined.

Do I need to bring flags or nets to the games?
Yes, if you are the home team. The home team is always responsible for providing the nets and corner flags. This includes hanging the nets and taking them back down. You should plan to have your team arrive at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off to allow for ample time for set up. If you fail to provide either for your home game(s), you will receive a fine from the league.

What’s the deal with jerseys?
Each team is required to have one set of matching, numbered shirts. In case of conflict, the home team is required to change, so make sure your team brings a backup shirt in a distinctly different color. (For example, if your team wears light gray, white would not be an acceptable back up color, but something darker—red, navy, black, etc—would be fine. Likewise, if your team wears navy, black is not a good back-up color). Please note that your backup shirts do not need numbers.

Also note that your shirts don’t have to be fancy jerseys—t-shirts are fine. Just remember that they are required to have numbers!

Oh no, someone on my team received a yellow or red card! What do I do?
You need to notify your division rep about the card. If your player received a yellow card, please be aware that if the same player receives two more yellow cards within the next twelve months she will receive a one game suspension. The judiciary commissioner will also contact the team manager.

Please note that receiving three yellow cards over twelve months is different than receiving two yellow cards in one game. Two yellow cards in one game is a red card, and the red card rules below apply. Accumulation of cards over twelve months is information that NUWS tracks, and may lead to suspensions or other sanctions.

Red cards trigger a minimum of a one game suspension, although depending upon the severity of the incidence the league may implement a stiffer penalty. The referee will keep the red-carded player’s OASA card, and the referee will send the card to OASA. The red-carded player then needs to pay a $20 OASA fine to pick up her card from OASA. (Please note that the OASA fine is separate from any NUWS sanctions).

The judiciary commissioner will contact the team manager about suspensions and/or penalties.

Please note that if your team receives a red card during a game, the red-carded player needs to leave the field/complex, and your team will play short one player for the rest of the game. If two separate players on your team are red-carded, you will play short two players (e.g. each red card=losing one playing spot).

We had a few players get hurt/pregnant/drop off of our roster, so now I don’t have any subs. What can I do?
The league maintains a list of players looking for teams. Email us for help.

Can a player play on more than one NUWS team?
Absolutely, as long as the player is listed on the game roster for any team she plays for. This means a player could even play for both teams during a single game as long as she is on the roster for both teams.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact your division rep at any time!