Referee Info


Thank you for your interest in our league, we are always searching for professional, highly qualified referees. To work in our league, please register at and be sure to get on the NUWS User List.

You must be USSF certified to ref in our league. Find more information at Please contact our Referee Assigner with any additional questions.


Referee payroll is now being handled directly through Oregon Soccer Central. If you have a question about the timing or amount of your check, please go to and log into your account.


Our league is recreational adult league and has rules that are unique from youth and other adult leagues. See bylaws for more specifics but here are some highlights:

Rosters are not set in stone:
Teams rosters can change from game to game, and players can be added before or during the game to a roster. Players should be on the roster before entering the field of play. There is no limit to the number of players on a roster.

Players may play for both teams or switch teams during a game. This is primarily to encourage gameplay particularly in the case when a team is short on players and “borrows” players from the opposing team. They can borrow them for the duration of the game or different players throughout the game. Players just need to be listed on the roster for any team(s) they play with.

We are here to play:
Our fields are often in poor condition. Please try to find workarounds and make it work! If a team doesn’t have nets or corner flags, the game should still be played.

Slide Tackling:
Slide Tackling is permitted in all Open divisions.
Slide tackling is prohibited in all Over 30 games. A legal/safe slide tackle should be treated as a dangerous play and an indirect free kick should be awarded. A player sliding for a ball with no other players nearby is always permitted and is not considered a slide tackle.

Player Cards:
Each player must have a current OASA card in order to play. A copy of a card, a photo of their card, or a receipt for their card is not valid. Without a card, a player is prohibited from playing. Referees must note if a player or team attempts to play with an ineligible player and that player will be penalized by the NUWS board.

Game Duration:
Games are scheduled to have 45 minute halves. Adjustments will need to be made at the beginning of the season due to early sunset. Teams are given a 15 minute window after listed start time to get enough players to start (7).