Game Evaluation

Please fill out an evaluation for each game that you play. Evaluate the referee,
field, and opponent adding any additional comments you feel necessary. Please
try to complete your evaluation within two weeks of the game date to have a clear
recollection of that specific game. Thank you for taking the time to submit this
information which helps us assess our referees, fields, and teams.


Your team:
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Referee Evaluation

Was the referee on time?
Did the referee check player cards?
Were full halves played (45 minutes)?

Rank the referee on the following items with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor:

Game control:
Interpretation of laws:
Additional comments
comments for
any "No" answer and
ratings below "6":

Field Evaluation

Was the field lined?
Was the field appropriate size for our league?
Rate the field condition with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor.
Were nets present for the game?
Were corner flags present for the game?
Additional comments about the field:

Opponent Evaluation

Rate your opponent’s sportsmanship with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor.
Additional comments about the game:
Enter the letters you see below:
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