Welcome to NUWS

The Northwest United Women’s Soccer league is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting recreational women’s soccer in the Greater Portland area. The league is comprised of over 50 teams and 750 players.

If you are an individual player looking for a team, we encourage you to fill out our online form. If you are interested in joining the league as a team, email us to be added to our season registration announcement list.

If you are a manager looking for more players for your team, email us to be connected with players looking for a team.

Connect with us via Facebook to stay abreast of registration, updates, and contests!



The 2018 Annual General Managers’ Meeting will be on Monday, March 5 at 7:00PM at the Southwest Community Center. All teams with a representative at the meeting will receive a $50 discount on their NUWS fees for the Spring 2018 season.

The Spring 2018 season is a 12-game season, running Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 17/19 through July 10/12. No games will be played on July 3rd nor 5th. July 17th and 19th will be used for make-up games, as needed. Games will kick-off at 7:00PM and 8:00PM (6:45PM in April due to light).

Over 30 divisions play on Tuesday nights.
Open and Masters (Over 40) divisions play on Thursday nights.

Division Descriptions

Open A – mostly ex-college players in their 20s-30s, some players with only high school experience (e.g. multi-sport athletes who played another sports in college). Games tend to be fast-paced with physical play.

Open B – ex-college players in their late 30s-40s+, or more athletic women who played in high school.

Open C – ex-college players late 40s+, women of various athletic abilities who enjoy playing soccer with friends in a more recreational pace.

Over 30A – our most-competitive Over-30 division, most players have college experience. Games tend to be fast-paced with physical play. Over 30A teams are allowed up to two players who are 26-29 years of age on their game roster. Slide tackling is NOT allowed.

Over 30B – a competitive league for Over-30 players, some players have college experience. Slide tackling is NOT allowed.

Over 30C – our least-competitive Over-30 division; typically, older or less-experienced players. Pace is slower and typically less physical. Slide tackling is NOT allowed.

Masters – our division for players 40 and over, looking for a recreational playing experience. Masters teams are allowed up to four players ages 38 to 39 on their game roster. Slide tackling is NOT allowed.